Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is

  • is a healthy care portal that allows patients to come closer to doctors and enables doctors to keep patients informed about questions and answers regards their specialisation and practice area.

2. What is the core concept ?

  • HealthyAlways makes the doctor approachable and gives the visitor the added advantage to know the doctor better by reading through previously given answers.
  • It works as a PR tool and enables the doctor to become virtually omnipresent by giving answers and posting it in various strategic places.

3. What is our objective ?

  • Our Objective is to bring doctors closer to the patients in a very care centric way.

4. Whats new in HealthyAlways ?

  • HealthyAlways is india first health care portal that brings the FAQ and Testimonials of various doctors under one platform.
  • You can refer and deep search within this large database and also further ask a free question or book the doctor

5. How do we earn money?

  • We charge the doctor an annual fee for the software we provide that integrates to the FAQ page of the web site and also social media.

6. How many doctors would be posted on HealthyAlways?

  • More the merrier.

7. How does it help the Doctor ?

  • The HealthyAlways software helps the doctor receive questions from patients around his location of practice.
  • It helps him reply to an answer and broad cast it on this own FAQ page on this social medias and also on 150+ blogs and posts.

8. But iam a Busy Doctor, I don't have time.

  • You may sent auto responders and at least allow the patients to receive a mail from your desk urging them to refer to your previous bank of questions and answers.

9. HealthyAlways what's next.

  • We keep working on our product every day to make the over all experience richer. If you have any suggestions or feedbacks, please do feel free to connect with us on